Truck driver fatally shot in the head while gassing up

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Truck driver killed while gassing up

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PHOENIX - A truck driver is dead and the gunman is still on the loose.

Police are still investigating a murder at the Liberty Travel Center in Tolleson on Monday evening near 59th Avenue and Interstate 10.

New detectives kept showing up throughout the night to help out. Police had most of the area blocked off, especially by the pumps where the shooting happened. Moments after the shooting police showed up but it was still too late. The gunman and, it is believed, three of his friends were gone.

Lt. John White tells 3TV, "That car then sped off eastbound then eventually southbound on 51st avenue"

Lt. White also tells 3TV the gunman leisurely walked through the convenience store and right up to a truck driver standing near the back pumps and shot him once in the head.

Lt. White explains, "We're viewing videotapes and all kinds of things, hopefully we'll get a good depiction of this suspect inside the store and that would help us immensely."

While police believe there was some connection between the two men, at this time Lt. White says he does not know what it was.

Other truckers saw what had happened and have been talking to police since the shooting. Police say they believe several people tried to take a picture of the gunman and the car as it was taking off. If one of them was you, you are asked to contact police.

He also says surveillance cameras are set up all over the place and believes they will get a good description of the suspect.