Teen arrested in burglary allegedly lies about his age; not a minor

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Glendale - One suspect is under arrest and two more are on the run after they were caught stealing from a Glendale home.

The teenage suspect arrested allegedly lied about his age.

Earlier this week authorities reported that Nicholas Troy Anthony was a minor who was caught trying to flee the scene of the crime.

Police are now saying Anthony is actually 18.

He was allegedly caught in the act by the homeowner's son.

Imagine coming home to find someone burglarizing your home.

That's exactly what happened to a Glendale resident who saw three men breaking into his home.

One of the suspects is facing a long list of charges.

The moment Matt Nielsen arrived at his parents' Glendale home, he knew something just wasn't right.

"Immediately, I was kind of shook up," says Nielsen, son of the burglarized homeowner.

Suspect engages police in car chase and pursuit with canine

"I pulled up to my parents' house and one of the suspects was walking out with one of my parents' flat screen TVs."

Three young suspects ran out.

Neighbor Mike Curtis saw them.

He says the three young men thought he had a gun.

"It was surprising when they said, you know, 'don't shoot me, man,' because why would you unless they were up to no good," says Curtis.

"And that's obviously what they were doing."

All three took off: two on foot, another in a stolen vehicle.

Nielsen went after the car and called police.

"The reason I pursued him, it was just to get a license plate number," says Nielsen. "That's all I was trying to do."

The suspect abandoned the stolen car and took off on foot to a nearby apartment complex.

Almost four hours later, the search for that suspect finally came to an end, thanks to a canine officer.

"Now after multiple chases and theft of a couple of different cars, and a lot of rigmarole," says Sergeant Jim Toomey, "the canine put an end to this caper."

Back at the scene, police recovered a gun, yet it is still unclear where the weapon came from.

As for the owners of the house, they're just glad that no one was hurt.

"We realized after all the excitement was all over that it could have been a lot worse," says John Nielsen.

The two other suspects are still on the run.

They are described only as African American males, possibly as young as the 18-year-old in custody.