How can you learn to drive on slick roads in Phoenix?

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Taking a skid

Losing control of your car, skidding across ice or hydroplaning on a wet road - it's something we all will deal with at one time or another.

But when your car does go sliding off the road, your instincts will likely steer you in the wrong direction.

"You've got to take you foot off the brake pedal. Instinctivly we want to slam on the brakes to stop the ride. But you want to instinctively or knowingly ease your foot off the brake to balance the car out." says Steve Imhoff of "N" Control.

At "N" Control driving school they retrain your motor skills to do the right thing when your car loses traction by simulating the hazardous situation in a controlled environment.

"And from buttons inside the vehicle the instructor can raise the car off the ground limiting the traction the tires can feel. So we can literally take the tire right off the ground."

For example, in an oversteer skid what you need to do is turn the wheel in the direction of the slide until you gain control.

"Typically there are three steps you need to do to correct oversteer. It's correct, balance, and recover."

And when the weather is bad you need to slow down and increase the distance between you and the car in front of you.

"That's the other problem. We are so spoiled with some of the best climate during the year that when we do get adverse conditions people still drive like it is dry outside."

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