Vandals targeting speed cameras around Arizona

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Part of protest

PHOENIX - Protesters are trying to put a damper on photo radar cameras across the state.

Over the past few weeks 100 photo enforcement cameras have been added to the states highways and interstates, some are stationary, others are mobile vans.

Since that happened protesters have covered some of those cameras with Post-it notes, signs, even silly string.

We even found videos online dedicated to putting an end to photo enforcement here in Arizona.

And those videos caught the attention of state officials.

"It blurs the shot, so we can fix that but that is man hours, that is ADOT people coming out, and Redflex people working to fix that, it's just, this is law enforcement equipment you're tampering with," said DPS.

The people shown in those You-Tube videos do not claim responsibility for the vandalism to the speed cameras.