New back pain relief treatment in Valley from Europe

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I had tried an osteopathic, chiropractic, just a straight internist who just wanted to give me pain pills. I mean, I tried everything," admits, Marilyn Nieman.


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She has suffered from lower back pain for years.

Nieman says, "It takes me awhile to be able to straighten up and move. If I bend down the wrong way and I don't use my knees, then it grabs me and I have shooting pains." It would be a treatment called oxygen ozone therapy that Nieman says finally gave her the relief she had always been looking for.

Dr. Suneil Jain says, "We're going to turn the ozone on and open up the oxygen and you'll see the syringe fill up." He adds, "When we use it for chronic pain, we're actually just using the ozone gas itself, we're not mixing it with anything else and we're injecting it directly into the area of the pain whether it's in the joint or around the joint or the ligament or tendon."

Dr. Jain explains, "I have them come about every two to three weeks so after they get the injection, then we let the immune system do its thing so it's stimulating the blood flow and all the nutrients to the site to repair it."

Dr. Suneil Jain, with Rejuvena Health and Aesthetics in Scottsdale, says oxygen ozone therapy has been used on lower back pain patients in Europe for years. While it may not be mainstream in the United States quite yet, he says patients that are doing it here are getting good results after one treatment.

Dr. Jain says, "Once it's fixed it's considered a permanent fix unless they re-injury it or years down the road you have more degeneration because of the lifestyle."

In Nieman's case, she did find relief the first time around, but recently had to come back after falling on her back again.

Dr. Jain says there are no side effects with oxygen ozone therapy. It is just another alternative people can use as they try and avoid getting back surgery. He says, "The treatment is very safe #1 and #2 you're not dealing with any potential side effect of either steroid injection or any cutting or prodding if its due to knife or laser. It really minimizes the down time and the best part about it is if the treatment doesn't work, you always have those as options to resort to."

For Nieman surgery was not an option. She says, "It's all safe and I come back and it works and I'm out of pain."

One treatment costs nearly $200 and before going that route you should first talk with your doctor.

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