Good Samaritan warns woman, kids of double house fire

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Humble good samaritan "just doing what he should do"

GILBERT - Two Valley homes went up in flames but everyone is alive thanks to the help of a Good Samaritan.

Sixty firefighters from Gilbert, Chandler and Mesa all raced to the scene to get the fire out and stop it from spreading to the rest of the homes.

But before rescue crews got to the scene, a young Valley resident drove by.

The fast-spreading flames were racing along the roof of one home while the one next door was also burning.

Smoke was billowing into the sky. James Kahalewai had just picked his sister up and was heading home when he saw the smoke and pulled up to investigate.

He tells 3TV, "The flames were trailing up the side of the home." He quickly ditched the car in the road and raced up to the first house and started banging on the door until the woman living there answered. "I just ran in, got the woman out of her house, and her dog too," Kahalewai explains.

The woman had no idea her home was on fire. Neither did the children at the house next door until Kahalewai raced over to warn them of the menacing flames engulfing their home.

"When I was heading back to my car I was telling my sister to call the fire department and I saw there was a kid coming out of the garage of the house next door and I just ran in to get his brother out," Kahalewai says.

As firefighters fought to keep the blaze from spreading to the other houses the family of the woman Kahalewai helped showed up.

There was a warm embrace and tears of joy. But don't call Kahalewai a hero. He says, "Well, I am just somebody doing what I should do."

The fire is still under investigation.