$70,000 Ring fished out of toilet by Valley plumber at eatery

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Woman paid for all the expenses

PHOENIX - A local hero of another sort is getting praise for fishing an expensive ring out of a toilet.

Phoenix plumber Mike Roberts was called to find a $70,000 ring from a Valley restaurant but this scavenger hunt went through a lot of plumbing to reach it.

It all began when a woman from California accidentally dropped the 7-carat ring into the toilet at the Black Bear Diner while it was flushing.

Rachel Sunderland, the assistant manager, admits, "I couldn't believe it.I could not actually believe that had happened."

It took eight hours and a six-foot hole in the bathroom floor before Roberts found her ring. He used a fiber-optic video cable to find it.

The woman paid for all the $6,000 worth of repairs to the bathroom and gave the restaurant a nice tip.