Three suspects arrested in car burglary spree

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SCOTTSDALE - The following is a release from the Scottsdale Police Department:

On Sunday, 12/21 at about 9 AM, a concerned neighbor called police to report three suspicious persons in the neighborhood south of 7300 E. Chaparral. The persons were seen looking into parked cars and were described as a male and two females.

Officers arrived in the neighborhood and approached three persons who matched the description given to dispatchers. When officers approached, all three fled on foot. Officers apprehended all three after brief foot chases.

The male left a backpack in the middle of the street when he fled. Officers looked inside the backpack and discovered exercise equipment and clothing. These items were later determined to have been stolen (from a nearby parked car) when the owner showed up and identified the backpack.

After being detained, MILLS and BUEHLER were found to have a stolen wallets and credit cards on their person. BUEHLER admitted to stealing the items from a nearby car.

The third suspect TOBIA, was identified by a witness as being involved in the vehicle burglaries. Her vehicle was found nearby, which was found to contain drug paraphernalia.

Three victim-vehicles were identified as being broken into by these three suspects. Investigators are following up to determine if there are more victims, exactly what was stolen from each vehicle and what was recovered from the suspects.

These crimes are believed to have been committed to support the suspects' drug addictions. All three are held in custody on various felony charges of Burglary, Trespassing, Theft, and ID Theft. They have been transferred to MCSO 4th Ave. jail.