Flagstaff residents expecting snow, but not there quite yet

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Snow coming down but doesn't stick

FLAGSTAFF - This is the time of year that a lot of people look forward to in the High Country.

Residents in Flagstaff tell 3TV that nothing goes better with turkey and gravy, than a fresh blanket of snow.

In downtown Flagstaff they were hoping for the white stuff but all they got on Wednesday was the wet stuff. Mother Nature sprinkled sporadic rains over the High Country and it was a welcome sight for many.

"Maybe up on the mountain it's snowing nowwhen that fog disappears we might see a gloriously white mountain," one Flagstaff residents says.

Another individual admits, "I do like the rain. I really wouldn't call it miserable, I'd call it kind of cozyyou can just curl up with some hot cocoa, read a book."

Jim Johnson, who was visiting from California with his family says, "If we got some snow tonight I'm sure the kids would love to go visit some snow upand maybe delay a trip for a little bit."

Snow did start to fall by Wednesday evening and began to stick in minutes. Now many are dreaming of a WhiteThanksgiving.