Attorney: Red flags in St Johns double murder

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Defense attorney: kid had nothing to do with St. Johns murders

PHOENIX - One defense attorney is saying that the 8-year-old accused of murdering his dad in St. Johns did not commit the crime.

Defense Attorney Andre M. Grant can provide particular insight into this crime because he has previously been involved with a case that accused a child of murder.

The Chicago attorney successfully defended an 8-year-old facing similar charges 10 years ago.

In that case, the boy's confession was faked, and the boy was cleared.

Grant says red flags went up when he heard about the St. Johns murders.

St. Johns Police say the 8-year-old confessed to the murders, but his attorney says no other adults were present.

"This child had no idea probably that he was being interrogated or questioned," says Grant.

Grant says that a confession given voluntarily by the child is admissible in court, even if no other adults are in the room and the child is unaware that he is being interrogated.

"If the officers claim this kid waived his rights to an attorney, that's simply outrageous," says Grant.

"He couldn't have waived his rights.He don't know what rights are! He didn't know he had the right to remain silent! He didnt know he had the right to an attorney," Grant asserted.

Still, the St. Johns Police Chief is pushing for the 8-year-old boy to be tried as an adult, which has proven to be a controversial decision.

"We're talking about an 8-year-old child, not a 14-year-old. We're literally talking about a baby," Grant says.

"I think it's reckless and irresponsible to take this child and make him punished as an adult.It's not where we want to go as a society."

The St. Johns Police Chief says the murders were clearly pre-meditated and methodically carried out by the 8-year-old.

However, Grant says officers said the same thing about his clients 10 years ago, and they were ultimately cleared.

"I'm willing to bet the real killers are still out and this child wasn't involved at all in the murders of these two people."

Grant raises a lot of questions, which can't be answered right now since investigators involved in the St. Johns murder case are under a gag order.