Color can be a prescription for stress relief and body balance

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9 p.m. Extra: Color Therapy

"There's the outside stress which is something I can't control and with the economy and I'm in real estate and there are things I just have to deal with," admits Kerri Shearer.

She feels like a lot of people these days...stressed out. To help her wind down she turned to Naturopathic Dr. Donese Worden. Shearer says, "I was completely open to it and it didn't scare me. I thought it was actually interesting."

She is hoping color can conquer her stress. Dr. Worden explains, "Our cells communicate to each other through light frequency. We are literally beings of light and that's how our cells and blood, everything we're made of, communicates so it makes sense we put in different frequencies and, in this case color, it makes a big difference physiologically to the patient."

Color therapy can be used to balance energy in areas of our bodies that are lacking vibrance, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or mental. Dr. Worden says, "We're just giving the body the energy it needs to fix itself. If they have depression, we will use orange or red and give them energy and pull them out. If they're stressed out we don't want to use red. We use blue or green."

Dr. Worden says blue and green are supposed to give off a relaxing effect. She explains, "The most powerful chemical we've got, even beyond drugs, are what are own brain makes so if we're ready and receptive for this type of therapy we'll get a better effect then if we have resistance."

Other tools that can be used in conjunction with color therapy are aromatherapy, lasers, and acupuncture." Dr. Worden says, "Most people in their first session within just a matter of minutes are feeling it. They can notice it, they feel it and it's not something that takes long periods of time to change the body."

As for Shearer, she says her stressful days are long gone. "It felt good because I felt like I was on this little journey, emotionally, but physically I know it was helping as well."

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