Physician takes to Valley streets in search of a job

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Physician hit Valley street corner for a job

PHOENIX - With so many applicants and so few positions available, job seekers are now doing whatever it takes to stand out in a crowd, even if it means standing out on a street corner.

According to the Arizona Department of Commerce, Arizona's unemployment rate rose nearly 0.5% from January to February to 7.4%. The number of jobs created in Arizona also increased but not enough to make up for the rising number of residents out of work.

Work is hard to come by for a lot of Arizonans these days. Just ask Valley resident Bill Barron who hit the streets on Thursday in hopes of finding a job.

He says, "Well in today's economy we need to do something creative to get some attention." That is exactly what Barron is trying to do. Thursday morning Barron took himself a sign and several rsums to the street corner of 7th St. and Thunderbird just hoping someone would notice him.

Barron, who is a licensed physician, says times are tough all around, even in his industry. "I'm actually a licensed chiropractic physician but I've been doing fill-in work for several doctors over the past several years and in today's economy doctors just aren't able to take time off, so I've had no work since the end of the year."

Barron is quick to point out that no matter your training, background or history, finding a job is rough and making moves such as standing on a street corner is just one of the things you can do to get noticed. Barron admits, "Absolutely. I think its imperative today to do something to stand outto make yourself noticed. There's just too many people without jobs. Actually I'm fortunate. I still have a home, transportation and there are a lot of people who don't."

Barron says it also helps to make yourself widely available for a number of positions. "Well in addition to being a chiropractic physician, I've been an expert witness in the chiropractic medical area. I have experience in law enforcement. I've owned and operated a property management company, also a private investigative firm."< /p>

Barron says he is done the online search thing, he has read job postings in the newspapers and he is now just looking for a new way to approach job-hunting.

If you would like to contact Barron, you can reach him by calling (602) 821-0046.