Gilbert moms create dinner co-op to save money and time

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In this economy people are doing what they can to save money and when it comes to feeding the family a group of Gilbert moms is getting creative.

Karalynne Call says, "Everybody comes with a meal, recipe and ingredients for all of us to make their own meals." Kim Hoover adds, "I was a little leery because I thought 'It's recipes I've not used. What might it do to my kids, would they try it and am I going to waste my time and money'?"

Kim quickly learned that was not the case. She says, "The most important thing you need is a half a cup of butter in your bowl. We got together and I had a blast and I brought home all of the meals and realized I did not have to cook dinner tomorrow night. This is awesome."

For the past seven months Karalynne calls and her friends, who call themselves the frigid ladies, have met once a month to prepare meals for their families. It takes them about two hours and the number of dishes the ladies can put in their freezers depends on how many women show up.

Karalynne admits, "It saves us on a lot of time so days when we'r e running kids to sports practice and piano lessons to cub scouts or whatever, and we don't have time to make a meal, go to the freezer and put a meal out."

Besides saving time, it is also about saving money. Karalynne says because they buy in bulk things are a lot cheaper. "It's about $50 to $80 dollars so $10 per meal if there's 8 of us. It's probably cut down on the grocery bill about 100 to150 a month, which is a lot for a family that is trying to save."

Kim adds, "If you think about how much it would cost your family to go out and eat, it would be that much in one meal and yeah, it's spread out and worth it."

Perhaps the icing on the cake is spending time with your girlfriends. Kim explains, "It's kind of a break and we turn it into a party, music going, we have dessert. It's kind of a fun thing to get out."

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