Video of APS grinding down Saguaros stirs big controversy

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Cutting down of saguaros on hold

PHOENIX - The Saguaro cactus is an Arizona desert landmark and one that takes dozens of years to grow and one that has been protected by state law.

When video surfaced of one of our own utility companies leveling the cactus, outrage quickly followed.

An icon of Arizona the saguaro cactus is disappearing out of the Sonoran Desert by the hundreds.

Right now the Saguaros are safe for the time being.

A local conservationist shot video and said APS is to blame for turning the Arizona state plant into pulp.

Although APS is permitted to remove plants along a high voltage APS power line stretching from Page to Sun City, environmentalist are outraged that hundreds of aging Saguaros will be destroyed along the way.

After the video was posted on YouTube, environmentalists started asking APS to consider other options.

Steve Plath with the Central Society Arizona said practical options are out there.

Plath said salvaging cactus like these or relocating them away from the power lines are all possibilities worth the investment.

After hearing strong feedback from the community, APS has decided to change their clearing plan.