Scottsdale eatery bombed, second attack in four years

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SCOTTSDALE -- Federal investigators and Scottsdale detectives are sifting through the rubble after a late-night explosion at Dickie's Dogs restaurant in Scottsdale that left the owner injured.

Second bombing in four years

This is the second time this has happened at Dickie's Dogs in the past three or four years.

Most of the damage from Sunday night's explosion, while extensive, was limited to the restaurant, which is located in the area Bell Road and Thompson Peak Parkway. A neighboring business did sustain some drywall damage.

The explosion happened at about 10:30 Sunday night.

The restaurant owner, Dick Malone, was in his office in the back of the eatery doing some paperwork when he heard a rock crash through a window.

Police believe that was a ruse to get Malone out of the office and into the main part of the restaurant. That's went an explosive device detonated.

While Malone was hurt, his injuries were relatively minor, mostly from flying glass. ATF agents and detectives are trying to determine what happened and who might have targeted the eatery.

Police said this attack was much more severe than the one that happened three or four years ago. Nobody was ever arrested in that incident.