Tuesday, June 2

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Jim Prueter, AAA Automotive Expert -- Station Wagon Comeback For more information on AAA Arizona, including recent auto reviews, visit . To get an update on daily gas prices and find the cheapest gas stations in your area, click on "AAA News."

Jennifer Smith, Paradise Bouncers For more information, Jennifer Smith can be reached at 602-366-5566 or log onto .

Jeff Inman, Inman and Sons Auto -- Summer Tire Safety Inman and Sons Auto is located at 6335 N. Seventh St. in Phoenix. For more information, call 602-277-5396 or log onto .

Kleinert's Apparel -- Sweatproof T-shirts Kleinert's shirts and athletic wear can be purchased online at and .

Dr. Art Mollen, Mollen Clinics -- Summertime Injuries For more information on Dr. Mollen, visit or call 602-264-9806.

Samuel S, Barbeque Man -- Summer Marinades For recipes, go to our .

Patti Milligan, Registered Dietitian -- Summer Smoothies For more information, log onto .

Rolf's Makeover -- Curly Hair If you are interested or know someone who is interested in a makeover, send a letter and a photograph to Rolf's, Attention: Makeovers, 8787 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ 85232. For more info on Rolf's, call 480-596-0806 or visit .

Angie Hicks, Angie's List Founder -- Summer DIY Disasters For more information on Angie's List, log onto . Angie Hicks' blog can be found by logging onto .

Terri O, "The Craft Queen" -- Summer Crafts For more information on Terri O, "The Craft Queen." check out .

The Turf Restaurant and Pub A Contemporary Irish Experience! 705 N. 1st Street (1st Street, between Fillmore and Roosevelt) Phoenix, AZ 85004 602-296-5043 or online at . For today's recipe, .

3 On Your Side -- Home Refinancing For more information, visit .

Job Fair More information on the .

Block Watch More information on forming a .

9 p.m. Extra: Good to Last Drop For more information, go to .