Man profiled on America's Most Wanted is finally caught

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Man suspected of killing a father of three

PHOENIX - An accused murderer on the run for more than three years is back behind bars.

Police had been looking for 23-year-old David Marshall until a 911 call came in Wednesday.

Marshall was profiled on America's Most Wanted after allegedly shooting a man he didn't even know because he grazed the side of Marshall's car.

The victim, 33-year-old "Rome" Phillips, was a husband of 9 years and a father of 3.

His death has left a hole in the life of his family: he's missing in the family pictures, and his 7-year-old son no longer has his dad as the assistant football coach of his team.

His son now refuses to play.

"It's been miserable to tell you the truth about it," says Phillips' father-in-law, Willie Johnson.

On August 24th of 2005, police say 23-year-old David Marshall murdered Phillips after a party.

Investigators say Phillips accidentally brushed his suburban against Marshall's car.

Marshall allegedly shot him point blank.

"He took the father of my grandkids. He took my daughter's husband. He just destroyed a family for no reason," says Johnson.

For three years he's been on the run.

He was even profiled on America's Most Wanted to no avail.

That is, until Wednesday, when someone placed a call to 911.

Police say the call came from Marshall's mother's house.

Marshall was allegedly beating his own mom.

Police say they found Marshall hiding in a closet.

A detective spoke with Johnson moments later.

"He said, well guess what, we got him and I just thank God. Hallelujah! It was the best news I've heard in years and years," Johnson said.

Phillips' suburban still sits outside their house and now Johnson says the license plate that reads backwards, "R.I.P. Rome" might finally come true.

He hopes his chance to talk to the man accused of murdering him will too.

"You are lower than anything I've ever known on this earth," Johnson says. "I'm supposed to forgive you, but not right now. I'll never forget it."

Johnson says he and his entire family plan to be in court everyday until the man accused of killing their loved one gets justice.