Those aren't raccoons!

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We have some new residents that have just moved into the exhibit where the raccoons used to be!

Our four male Visayan warty pigs are enjoying their new home, while the raccoons are enjoying their retirement! The Visayan warty pigs are constantly on the move, rooting, digging, and smelling all the new things in their new exhibit on the Children's Trail.

Visayan warty pigs are from the Philippines and are forest-dwellers. In the wild they eat vegetables, roots, tubers and fallen fruits. Here at the zoo, they are given their herbivore pellets, romaine lettuce, yam, apple and leaf eater biscuits.

They spend most of their day moving around the exhibit together, looking for new places to investigate.

Unfortunately, in the wild these animals are critically endangered due to loss of habitat and hunting.

There are only a few zoos in the country who are participating in the recovery program for these amazing animals, and The Phoenix Zoo is proud to be one of them!

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