Federal stimulus coming to small business in Arizona

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Small businesses to get financial boost

PHOENIX - Small businesses across the nation are getting a boost from the president's small business incentive package.

It's a boost Valley businesses say are definitely needed.

3TV visited with a small business owner today to find out how this aid will assist.

A small businesses are those companies that have five hundred employees or fewer and generate 60-80 percent of all new jobs in the country.

A significant impact when credits starts flowing once again.

Barry Brooks and his wife Susan started the Tempe-based "Cookies from Home Business" back in 1981 and this year has been the most challenging by far.

"Money is very tight to borrow," Barry Brooks said. "We used our own resources to keep going, we are not borrowing, but tighteningeverywhere."

They've cut back their "cookie elves" hours and saved where they can.

"Nothing is too small to be considered," Brooks said.

The Brooks are now hopeful President Obama's fresh package of aid to small businesses nationwide will bring some positive change.

Obama's plan aims to get credit flowing to small businesses, to help make payroll, buy equipment and expand.

The Brooks could benefit from all three, but payroll comes first.

Times are tight, but this business will not allow sales to go flat.

In fact, "Cookies from Home" is expanding and additional money would certainly help with marketing.

Not all doom and gloom. In fact at Cookies from Home every other Monday night, they host what's called "Let the good times roll...". They push back their baking tables, bring in bands and celebrate the sweet things in life.