Mom leaves kids home alone eating dog food

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MESA - Sunday morning police were called to a residence on Gilbert Road after two children, ages one and three, were found wandering in the apartment complex.


Mom allegedly left 2 kids home alone - A Mesa mom is in jail after police say she left her two toddlers home alone with nothing to eat but dog food.

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The mother of the kids, Samantha Abernathy, 20, is now in custody

Once police found the children's apartment they found the door wide open.

Officers made several attempts to locate family and friends of the children, but were unable to find any until the fathers of the children showed up.

Inside the apartment police found urine and feces. And the one-year-old little boy began eating dog food while officers waited for someone to arrive home.

When the fathers arrived they had no idea who was supposed to be watching them or where their mother was.

Abernathy showed up about 45 minutes later and told police she had been called by an ex-boyfriend the night before.

Abernathy admitted to police that she left the children while they were sleeping and didn't find anybody to watch them.

She is being charged with neglect for the state of the house along with endangerment.