Kidnapping incident in Rimrock nets 3 arrests

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The following news release was sent by the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office:

RIMROCK - On October 14, 2008 at approximately 1:30 A.M., Yavapai County Sheriff's Office deputies responded to a reported vehicle vandalism in the Rimrock area involving suspects driving a silver colored Chevy S-10. Deputies located the vehicle on Beaver Creek Road and contacted the driver, 18-year-old Rimrock resident Scott Dorrington. Deputies found two shotguns inside the vehicle and questioned Dorrington about his involvement in the vandalism. Dorrington told deputies he with his girlfriend at a home in the 3400 block of Javalina Trail when he heard a "boom," and discovered that the back window of his friend's vehicle had been shot out. Dorrington recognized the suspect vehicle and identified Damian Hall (18-years-old from Rimrock) as the likely culprit. Dorrington told the owner of the damaged vehicle, Tim Anduiza (20-year-old Camp Verde resident) that he thought Hall was involved. Both went looking for Hall.

During this investigation, deputies were called to the 3600 block of Valley Vista Drive, where Damien Hall resides, to meet with an assault victim. The deputies learned that Anduiza had been to the Valley Vista Drive home to confront Hall, but Hall was not home. Instead, Anduiza spoke with Hall's 15-year-old friend, and forced him (now a victim) into a vehicle at gunpoint. Anduiza and Dorrington then demanded the victim direct them to Hall's girlfriend's home on Rimrock Drive. As they drove away, Hall was spotted in a vehicle, chased by Anduiza and Dorrington, and threatened with a shotgun. Hall was able to get away. Anduiza and Dorrington later found Hall's unoccupied car on Rimrock Drive and smashed out one of the windows. The kidnap victim was eventually released and not injured.

Deputies finally found Hall at his girlfriend's home in the 3200 block of Rimrock Drive. A window in Hall's vehicle had been smashed out. Hall admitted being confronted by Anduiza and Dorrington earlier while they were armed with a shotgun. He was able to escape in a vehicle and hide out until contacted by YCSO. It was determined Hall vandalized Anduiza's car by shooting out the window with a firearm. A firearm was recovered during Hall's arrest.

Based on the preliminary investigation, Anduiza and Dorrington were arrested and charged with Kidnapping Hall's 15-year-old friend. Additional charges include Prohibited Possession of a Weapon and Drug Paraphernalia Possession. Anduiza was also charged with Defacing Property. Hall was arrested and charged with several counts of Aggravated Assault and Endangerment, Hall was also charged with a Drive by Shooting violation and Discharging a Firearm towards a Structure. All were booked at the Camp Verde Detention Center. The YCSO Criminal Investigations Section continues the investigation and attempting to discern motives.