80-Yr-old attacked by pit bull; Dog shot by police

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PHOENIX - An elderly Phoenix woman is recovering after being attacked by a pit bull.


80-year-old woman attacked by pit bull

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That dog and a smaller dog attacked 80-year-old Maria Papamatheakis Friday morning while she was out for a walk near Bell and 37th Avenue.

They apparently got loose through a hole in a fence that is now covered with rocks. She was able to escape but now she has 21 deep teeth wounds on her lower body and a broken ankle.

Athena Papamatheakis tells 3TV, "She bled a lot, she was like a puddle of blood because she went inside to call her son andwhile she was sitting on the bed she bled like there was blood going down the hallway."

When police arrived the pit bull reportedly turned on an officer. The officer shot and killed the dog.

The owners of the pit bull have been criminally cited and Maria is still waiting to find out if the dog had rabies.