UPDATE: Man accused of beating 2 kids with a bat

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Cousins listed in very critical condition


PHOENIX - The 7-year-old allegedly beat by a Valley man with a baseball bat has died. Phoenix police issued a press release indicating the boy died shortly before 9 a.m. on Friday due to the severe injuries he sustained in the attack. The boy's 10-year-old cousin remains in critical condition.

PHOENIX - Two Valley mothers are facing an unimaginable horror as they spend Christmas Eve in the hospital with their sons.

Both boys are critically injured and police say they are not expected to survive after a brutal playground attack.

3TV now knows those boys were beaten in the head with a baseball bat and police say their attacker is Joe Sauceda Gallegos.

3TV has learned more about this suspect's criminal history and the evidence that led to his arrest. 3TV's Claudia Rivero was at the West Valley neighborhood where this took place and reports there may have been signs an attack like this was coming.

Christmas Eve is a day so many families will spend together celebrating but there is no celebrating in one southwest Phoenix neighborhood. People there are praying for two little boys who right now are fighting to stay alive.

The little boys are cousins, just 10 and 7 years old, and were viciously beaten while playing in a park just a few doors down from where they live. Their injuries were so severe paramedics could not tell what happened to them.

The heartbreak at the neighborhood has turned to anger. Police arrested the victims' neighbor, 36-year-old Gallegos. According to police, a neighbor's surveillance camera captured Gallegos following the boys to the park carrying a baseball bat. Minutes later he walked back to his house. Tuesday night investigators found the bat inside his house.

Many who live in the area say they had run-ins with Gallegos just a few days before the brutal attack. Andrea Villegas says he threatened her husband.

Another woman says Gallegos also threatened her kids and their friend. The incidents were not reported to police.

The little boys involved in the brutal attack live with their mothers. Family friends say both are single parents. One of the mothers spoke to 3TV by phone on Wednesday and just ask that everyone keep them in their prayers. The little boys are in extremely critical condition.