Police: Dead man found after fire was accused shooter

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UPDATE: Friday morning

PHOENIX -- Police have confirmed that the body found was Jesse Corman. He is the individual who was arrested last month after shooting the tow truck driver.

UPDATE: Wednesday morning

Neighbors say man acted strangely

PHOENIX -- Neighbors say the man who was found dead inside a burned-out house Tuesday night was the man accused of last month.

Police went to the home at 37th Avenue and Thunderbird Road after receiving a domestic violence call. They were told that a man there was suicidal and lighting fires.

When officers arrived on the scene, the home was engulfed in flames.

The man's wife, who called the police, was outside and safe but quite distraught when officers got there. She suffered some burn injuries and was taken to the hospital.

While investigators have not confirmed the man's identity, neighbors told 3TV that it was Jesse Corman.

Police did confirm that the home was the site of a the night of Sept. 21.

Corman, 26, was the suspect in the case.

Investigators said that there was a dispute over cost between Corman and a tow-truck driver who was delivering a car to the house.

According to police, Corman shot the tow-truck driver and then barricaded himself inside his home.

He eventually surrendered to police and was booked on a variety of charges, including attempted second-degree murder.

Neighbors told 3TV at the time that Corman might have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Neighbors said Wednesday morning that there have been some ongoing issues with Corman that might have led up to Tuesday night's fire.

The house was destroyed.


PHOENIX -- Phoenix Police tell 3TV that the body of a man was found in the burned remains of a house.

According to Police, officers were responding to the house for a domestic violence call. Reports were that a man at the location was suicidal and was lighting fires in or around the house.

When police showed up the house was engulfed in flames. A woman was transported to the hospital with burn injuries.

Fire authorities say that the house is a complete loss.

The house address is 3731 West Daily street, which is the same address as an incident that ended with .

Police confirm that this is the same house, but could not say if the man found dead in the house was Jesse Corman, the man suspected of shooting a tow truck driver in September.

Police and Fire are investigating. No word yet on how the man died.