Solar art and spacescapes

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See how it's done

- Spray paint -- Yellow, Red, Orange, Black and White (add, blue and/or green if desired)

- Paint can lids, jar lids, juice bottle lids, various sizes of lids, whatever you have

- Poster paper or any heavy stock paper (cut to desired size)

- Plastic drop cloth (cut to size), shiny magazine or expired Home Depot add paper

- Pencil or a stick

- Gloves

- Painter's tape


Tape down corners of paper with very small pieces of tape so paper does not move

Spray yellow first in a circular motion until solid

*** Work quickly, each layer of spray paint must be wet for spacescape to look its best ***

Spray orange over yellow, also in a circular motion

Spray red over orange

Spray green and/or blue (if desired)

Spray black over last color

Quickly, while paint is still wet, lay plastic or magazine paper over the paint

Lightly press over the surface

Peel plastic or paper up, fold in half and set aside

Let dry

Use black to create a quarter moon shape shadow for the large lid on the left side

Carefully place the left side of large lid over the black shadow just painted

Use black to create a similar smaller shadow for a smaller lid on the right side

Carefully place the smaller lid slightly overlapping the larger lid

Use black to cover over the entire area

*** Be careful not to spray under the smaller lid, spray from above, NOT the side ***

Lightly spray a bit of the other colors to create space dust

Spray white lightly around lids to create a "light" behind the planets

Spray white onto the end of a stick or pencil and splatter of spacescape to create stars

Carefully lift lids

Let dry

Place white spray paint can upside down and tap quickly to create shooting stars

** Use different combinations of colors and different size lids to create many variations **

Add rings around the planets, space buildings -- the limits are endless.