Brother of kidnap victim, another man murdered in tiny Mexican town

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COLONIAL LEBARON, Mexico -- Sources tell 3TV that the brother of teen kidnapped a couple of months ago and another man were murdered last night in Colonial LeBaron, Mexico.

Benjamin LeBaron, a leader in the community, and another man reportedly identified as Luis Whidmar were dragged out of LeBaron's home and killed in front of their families late Monday night in what's believed to be retaliation on the part of outlaws.

by a band of armed men back in May. Those men were asking for a $1 million ransom. Eric was later released unhurt.

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Since that kidnapping, the community, a little farming town -- a polygamous safe haven -- in the border state of Chihuahua, has stood up and become very vocal about the increasing violence. Community leaders have asked the Mexican government for help in securing the town and its residents.

The following is a letter from the family:

Benjamin Franklin LeBaron Ray, at the age of thirty two years old, and Luis Carlos Widmar Stubbs, at the age of twenty eight, joined the S.O.S. Chihuahua, and Benji was the foremost leader of this movement. He helped organize committees, and worked with all the communities in the northwest quarter of Chihuahua to put a stop to kidnapping and extortion.

Because of this, at the home of Benjamin LeBaron, at approximately one a.m. on July 7th, 2009, while hearing somebody trying to break into his house, Benjamin told his wife Miriam: "Get on the floor!" as he ran to the closet for his pants. Men were shooting guns outside of the house and breaking the windows, and they were beating the door with an axe. Miriam dashed across the hall to her children's room when an armed man went into the room where Miriam was, and asked her, "Where are the guns?". Miriam answered, we don't have any guns. Another man entered and asked her, "Where are the guns and the cash?" Again she responded, we don't have any. The man started searching underneath her clothes and trying to molest her. She pleaded with him, "Don't do this in front of my kids." And they left the room.

Across the street, her sister Ruth saw the commotion and called her brother, Lenzo, and cried, "Please come and help, they're shooting at Benji's house." She also called, Luis Carlos Widmar, who lived a couple of houses down. Luis ran through Benji's front yard to help rescue Benji, where men with fully automatic weapons threw him to the ground, bound his hands and feet, and beat him.

While this was taking place, Lenzo drove his suburban toward the front of the house, where they opened fire on him. Ducking down in his vehicle and driving straight forward he managed to escape with a slight bullet wound.

Luis and Benjamin were taken up the road about four miles, where they were stood up and shot, execution style, and above them was placed a sign that stated, "To the LeBaron leaders who did not believe and still do not believe, and to Clary Jones. This is for the twenty five men from Nicolas Bravo. Atte. El General".

These two young men put their life on the line to fight a noble cause and died as martyrs.