Man says bird shop owes him money; owner says he's not going to pay

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PHOENIX -- A Phoenix man says he's having a difficult time with a local bird shop here in the Valley.

When he couldn't work out things on his own, he contacted 3 On Your Side for help.

This all has to do with some very colorful little birds. Those birds are called parrotlets. Basically, they're tiny versions of parrots and they can be pretty pricey.

But check out what happened when a Phoenix man says he tried to consign some of these birds.

Ron Zizic likes animals but he loves birds.

"I've always had birds my entire life," he said.

In fact, one room is filled with parrotlets.

But last year, Zizic wanted to sell a few of his parrotlets and decided to consign them at a bird store called The Flight of Phoenix just off of Central Avenue and Camelback Road.

According to the contract, the Flight of Phoenix would sell the birds for $200 apiece.

"It would be 50/50. They'd get $100 and I'd get $100," Zizic explained.

Zizic says a few birds sold but claims the Flight of Phoenix was extremely slow in coming up with his half of the money.

"They would always blame it on the economy," Zizic said. "I did not know what they did with the money."

Zizic says he was finally paid, but says when two more birds reportedly sold, the Flight of Phoenix refused to pay him his $200.

Zizic says every time he asks for his money he winds up getting into a verbal altercation with the store's owner.

"The guy told me to get the heck out of there," he said.

So, Zizic contacted 3 On Your Side and we went to talk to the owner of the Flight of Phoenix, a guy by the name of Steve Madonick.

"I said, 'I'm not going to pay you. I'm not going to pay you," Madonick said.

Madonick admits he owes Zizic $200 -- one for a bird that sold and one that accidentally died -- but says he refuses to pay because Zizic is too demanding and claims Zizic initiated what he calls a smear campaign about his bird store on the Internet.

"The Flight of Phoenix has scammed me, has anyone else had problems?' making me sound like I'm trying to steal money from him," Madonick said of the posts.

Zizic acknowledges that he did post messages on the Internet but claims he was just curious to see if other bird owners were having the same problem.

Regardless, $200 is not a huge sum of money, but Zizic says he just wants what is his.

As for the owner of the Flight of Phoenix, well, he tells me he's just not going to pay.

"I can't win with this guy," Madonick said. "There is nothing I can do that will make anything right."

Madonick says he might give Zizic his $200 if he gets an apology, but right now, we're at a stalemate.