Boy found at bottom of family pool; rushed to hospital

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PHOENIX - A 2 ½-year-old boy is in critical condition after he was found at the bottom of the pool.


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The boy was playing in a pool near 43rd Avenue and Maryland with another child. He reportedly kept taking his "floaties" off and then slipped through an inner-tube.

Family members at the home could not swim, so they grabbed a neighbor who dove in and grabbed the boy. He tells 3TV, "It was the deep end... It was deepand it was green. You could barely see but a foot or two foot in front of you.The second time I tried to bring him up I hit my head.The third time I bought him up and I held him up and put him on the side step and started CPR."< /p>

Paramedics rushed the boy to St. Joseph's Hospital. 3TV is being told that there was a fence around the pool.