Valley woman tries new FDA-approved cellulite treatment

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Cellulite treatment

CHANDLER -- Some people say every passing birthday leaves its mark on your body. So in order to keep the fountain of youth going, a Valley woman is hoping a new FDA-approved treatment will smooth out her imperfections.

"I'm over 40 now, so things do change," Sherri Fischer said. "I have two small kids, running after them and trying to get in shape, and trying to do what every girl wants to do -- look good."

Fischer, 41, is looking to reduce the cellulite on her thighs. She's going to Derma Health Institute in Chandler.

"I have done liposuction and some other type of contouring and stuff several years ago, so I'm excited to try this with the new technology," she said.

The new treatment Fischer is testing out is called Velashape. It not only treats the thigh areas, but the stomach and love handles, too.

"It's a machine that uses a combination of infrared light, radiofrequency and a vacuum suction," said naturopathic physician Ann Watwood.

Watwood says the infrared light creates heat in the fatty tissue areas to help reduce the appearance of cellulite and firm problem areas.

"Some people will see immediate results when they walk right out of here, anywhere from their pants fitting looser to the tightening and improvement in texture of the skin, as well," Watwood said. "As you continue with the treatments, you get the gradual improvement of the cellulite and circumference of the area."

The doctor recommends doing at least six treatments. They last about 45 minutes and there's no downtime.

"It's twice as powerful as the other machines that have been out there trying to do the same treatment so it's much more effective in achieving its results," Watwood said.

Fischer is looking to gain more confidence when she wears shorts and a bathing suit.

So how did it feel during her first time?

"It feels a little weird only because it's sucking your skin, but it doesn't hurt," she said.

So for the next six weeks, Fischer did the Velashape treatments.

"After the first couple of treatments is when I really started to noticed a difference and a couple of people said, 'Are you losing weight?" Fischer said. "The first thing was the toning and the smoothing of the skin, which I really noticed, and later on they looked smaller."

As for the cellulite, Fischer said she could definitely see a change.

"I feel that out of all the things on the market, that this met my criteria and it's really just a nice, natural way to do something without totally altering your body," she said.

The doctor said once people get the look they want, maintenance treatments are available, but for long-lasting results, eating right and exercising is also key.

"This is not a weight-loss program," Watwood said. "It does not help them to lose weight, but it can help improve the looks of the area by shrinking the cells of it or just making the skin look smoother without all of the dimples and bumps on it."

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