Man accused of beating granny in custody

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PHOENIX - A 94-year old woman was mugged on the street in Phoenix and her attacker is now behind bars.


UNCUT: Beaten elderly woman talks to 3TV - UNCUT: A 94-year-old woman who was beaten and robbed during a Phoenix mugging talks to 3TV about the horrifying experience.

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The crime left her battered and bruised but she has a lot to say. She tells 3TV she never gave up. "My nose is broken and my fingers are broken and this arm up here and my ribs hurt real bad." Plus her lips are busted. Frances Stull is 94.

She was riding her scooter near a west Phoenix intersection when a man asked for change to ride the bus. She says she gave him seven quarters and left.

Frances explains, "And I looked around and there he was running after me, he was running like the dickens, I knew he was the same guy and I thought 'Boy I should have never done that, I should have never given him that change because he was the wrong one,' I said ' I won't do that again'." That is when the man reached for her purse.

Frances explains she, "Grabbed his hands and I said 'No you're not going to get that'."

He looked at me as much to say, 'Grrr, I'm gonna get it', yeah, you know and I held on to it, I held on, held on, he took it out, grabbed it, then when he pulled it over to get it away from me, my scooter tipped over right on the grass and I hit my face and head."

Before she knew it her identification and $80 were gone.

She says she was unable to run from the situation but as Frances says, "My father always told me never give up, never give up."

Witnesses helped lead police to the 38-year-old suspect, Shawn Edens.

Frances is expected to recover from the injuries suffered during the mugging.