Let the wrap fest begin!

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Sometimes the best and most useful gadgets are simple things. No dual-core processors or DRAM. No Bluetooth. No cords to sort out and connect backwards. No batteries. No parts to potentially lose. Nothing complicated or remotely confusing. You get the idea.

This simple-but-useful category is where the from 3M falls. If it's not the best $5 I have ever spent, it's right up there. It's not exactly "techy," but it sure is handy. It's also my why-didn't-I-think-of that tool of the year.

It's fast. It cuts unbelievably straight. It's incredibly easy to use. And it's safer than scissors because there's no exposed blade. That's especially great if you have little ones or are .

There are a couple of versions of the cutter. The gift wrap one has a built-in ribbon curler designed to help out all of Santa's elves. This is, after all, their busiest time of year.

For more than just gift wrap, Scotch's cutter also a great tool for scrapbookers. Ditch that X-ACTO knife. The Scotch cutter is way better. There's even a pen-style version -- the Precision Cutter -- that will let you cut lovely curves.

There's also a cutter for mailing supplies, which tend to be thicker and a little harder to cut than wrapping paper. If you find yourself mailing packages often -- say for an eBay business -- I would call this an indispensible too. I wish I had had one when I was a few months ago.

I have to admit that I was mildly skeptical when I first saw the commercials. What's wrong with scissors? Nothing. Except for ragged and uneven cuts. For a clean edge, which is what you want when wrapping a gift, the Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter is better. Much better. And faster. Just line up the cutter on your paper and slide it forward. Zip, you're done.

While I didn't get the , which has either a wrist strap or a weighted base and spits out precut tapes strips, swears by it. Not only does it free up both hands for the serious business of gift wrapping, it also controls the amount of tape you use because the strips are already cut. Considering that I am a serious over-taper, this little doo-dad might be a good option for me. And it complements the cutter nicely.

So, as you embark on your gift wrapping blitz (there are only a few days to go until Christmas), do yourself a favor and pick up the Scotch Gift Wrap Cutter. You'll find it at stores like CVS, The Home Depot, Target, OfficeMax, Staples, Walgreens and K-Mart.