3 Teens hit by vehicle in Glendale

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One girl and two boys hit

GLENDALE -- Three teenagers were hit by a car in Glendale while crossing the street Thursday night.

The incident happened at the intersection of 57th and Peoria avenues around 7 p.m.

Four teenagers were on their way to a friend's house. They had just gotten off of the bus and were crossing the road.

One of the teens had just finished crossing the street and turned around to see his friends being hit by the vehicle.

A 16-year-old girl and two 15-year-old boys were struck by the vehicle.

One teen hit the windshield of the vehicle and rolled over the top of the car.

There were no life threatening injuries to anyone.

Authorities say it is unclear who is to blame for the collision, the driver says he had a green light, and the teens said they had a walk signal.

Authorities say that all of the teens were wearing very dark clothing.

The incident is still under investigation. It's not clear yet if any charges will be filed.