Flocking to the Flamingo Lounge

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As part of the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium, a new shore bird exhibit has been created adjacent to the new Tiburn restaurant and Flamingo Lounge. The featured species is a large flock of pink Caribbean flamingos.

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In preparation for this new exhibit, over the past year, the zoo has been working with other zoos and wildlife agencies to expand our collection from 12 to nearly 30 flamingos. The larger the flock the more likely we will be able to model conditions in the wild that may stimulate additional reproduction in the future.

Some of our animals came to us as adults; however, as we first noted a few months ago, some came as !

For several decades, a feral population of these beautiful long legged and pink birds has made its home at the Hialeah Race Track in Miami Florida. The park has since been designated a flamingo sanctuary. Each year, under permit by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the Miami Metrozoo collects a small number of eggs, which it redistributes to zoos and aquariums that have been placed on a waiting list.

This year, we were selected to receive eggs. This meant we needed to fly a zookeeper, experienced at handling and incubating bird eggs, for a quick round trip to South Florida for a very special delivery. (Our keeper was literally on the ground for just a few hours before it was time to head back to Phoenix!) The eggs were kept warm in a temperature-controlled cooler that fit under the seat of a commercial flight. It was the first time the zoo had transported eggs by plane.

So drop by the restaurant for lunch, dinner or simply to enjoy a cool drink as you gaze at some of the most graceful and colorful birds in town.