Dad accused of turning on clothes dryer while son was inside

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MESA -- A man was arrested for child abuse after police say he turned on a clothes dryer while his 1-year-old son was inside it.

Mom speaks out

Police were called to a Mesa residence for a domestic dispute between Jose Rocha, 19, and other family members who were upset because Rocha had placed his son in the dryer and turned it on.

Witnesses reported that the situation started when the child was playing and crawled inside the dryer and the family thought it was cute.

Police say when the child's mother left the room to get a camera for a photo, Rocha is alleged to have closed the door and turned on the dryer.

According to police, the child's mother said that she heard the dryer turn on and the child screaming.

The boy received some bumps and bruises. He was treated at the scene and remained in the custody of his mother.

Rocha and the boy's mother claim he never turned the dryer on, but family members who were there said he did.

"I just think it's all being misunderstood," the boy's mother said.

She believes Rocha spun the dryer with his hands, playing with his son.

Rocha was arrested and booked for one count of child abuse.