NTSB releases factual report on news helicopter collision

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PHOENIX -- A federal report was released Thursday on last summer's helicopter crash that killed four Valley news men, including 3TV's Jim Cox and Scott Bowerbank.

No conclusion or cause yet

The information from the National Transportation Safety Board contains factual reports from the investigation. It does not, however, contain an analysis of the crash.

The public report was released on the shortly before 8:30 a.m.

Among the information released are witness accounts indicating that 3TV's helicopter was relatively stationary and the KNXV helicopter was moving at the time of the crash on July 27, 2007. That information was also part of the , which came out earlier this year.

Just before the collision, both helicopters, along with choppers from the other three major Valley stations, were covering a police chase.

The NTSB will issue its final report at a later date. That report will include a conclusion, as well as a probable cause of the crash.