Race for sheriff gets ugly with anti-Saban ad

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3TV talked to both sides

PHOENIX - The race for Maricopa County sheriff is getting ugly.

A controversial television ad attacking Sheriff Joe Arpaio's opponent, Dan Saban, will not be on the air much longer.

It is no big secret that political campaigns get ugly and many feel this is one example of that. The controversial 30-second ad makes serious allegations about Democratic sheriff's candidate Dan Saban.

Earlier this week several television stations began running the ad which is sponsored by the "Arizonans for Public Safety" and funded by the State Republican party.

The allegations against Saban first surfaced four years ago when his adoptive mother accused him of raping her when Saban was a teenager. Those allegations were investigated and dismissed. Family members referred to their mother as "delusional" and "mentally unstable."

Saban has all along maintained that he was abused by his mother. He now accuses Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio of knowing about the ad although Arpaio denies having anything to do with it.

At a news conference Thursday afternoon former candidate for Maricopa County attorney and Saban-supporter Gerald Richard said that the MCSO was well aware of the ad three months ago. In fact, he claims Deputy Chief David Hendershot hinted something was in the works.

The sheriff's office declined to comment on the allegations. 3TV also contacted the State Republican Party which funded the ad and they told 3TV that they were too busy to talk to us.