Convicted cop killer sentenced to death

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PHOENIX - Donald Delahanty was sentenced to death Wednesday by a jury in the shooting death of a Phoenix police officer.

Delahanty trial

Convicted cop killer tells jury: I am not a killer

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Back on May 5 Delahanty was found guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death of police Officer David Uribe.

Uribe was killed during a traffic stop on Cactus Road four years ago.

Delahanty, 22, was also found guilty of arson and conspiring to have two witnesses killed while he was in jail.

Delahanty was a passenger in a car Uribe pulled over near 31st Avenue and Cactus Road. Delhanty's friend Chris Wilson was behind the wheel.

According to investigators, Delahanty pulled a gun and fired four times at Uribe after the officer asked for proof of insurance. Uribe was hit in the head, mouth and neck.

Prosecutors said Delahanty and Wilson left the scene and torched their car a few blocks away. The two also allegedly took the gun apart and ditched the pieces.

A judge will sentence Delahanty on the remaining charges on June 16.