Friday, October 31

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Dodgeball Drop in for Dodgeball at Kiwanis Recreation Center in Tempe every Monday night from 7-10p.m. through November 10. All skill levels are welcome to play and have fun. Men and women 18 and older can sign up to form teams on site. A full court will be available to play on and rules explained on site. No experience is necessary. The fee is $4.00 per person and the ball is provided. Kiwanis Recreation Center is located at 6111 S All America Way in Tempe, AZ 85283. Please call 480-350-5201 or 480-350-5050 TTY if you have questions. The web page is .

Everyday Entertaining Glendoberfest is held at Sahuaro Ranch Park Historic Area, 59th Ave. and Mountain View Rd., 6 to 9 p.m 623-930-2299, .


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