Flagstaff police working to curb car burglaries

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FLAGSTAFF - The following is a release from the Coconino County Sheriff's Office:

Early Sunday morning Flagstaff Police Department officers responded to the area of Coconino Estates for six vehicles that had been burglarized.Most cars had been parked roadside and all had unlocked doors.Taken from the vehicles were mostly tobacco products and cash.These items being taken usually indicate transients.

The abundance of unsecured vehicles continues to plague our community as it presents a "crime of convenience" to thieves.While walking along a sidewalk or street they can easily check door handles, find any that open and victimize their owners.It usually takes less than thirty seconds for thieves to enter a vehicle and make off with anything they wish!

Sunday evening a purse was taken from a car parked in a theater's parking lot.The purse was in sight from someone walking alongside the car.A window was broken out of the car by the burglar.

In an effort to bring down the incidents of property crime, the Flagstaff Police Department launched the "Move It or Lose It" campaign in the spring.Residents were urged to place valuables out of sight in their vehicles and be sure to lock their cars.Pickup truck users were warned to secure tools, camping gear and construction material.

The campaign is starting to make a difference but Sunday mornings' reports show there is more work to be done.Officers placed flyers on 44 other unsecured vehicles in the area of Aztec and Beal.These flyers remind vehicle users how quick a theft can take and what they can do about it!The " Move It or Lose It" information is available at the Flagstaff Police Department or by calling the public information office at 556-2300.