Boy locked in room with bars while mom, boyfriend go out

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Neighbors shocked

TUCSON - A Tucson woman and her live-in boyfriend are facing child abuse charges for allegedly locking the woman's 11-year-old son in a room while the couple was out.

The Pima County Sheriff's Office says Norma Barrientos, 29, and Nicholas Geisel, 31, were each arrested on one count of child abuse.

Investigators said the boy's room was locked from the outside and had bars on the window.

The boy was left a jug of water and a sandwich, a roll of toilet paper and a bucket in which to relieve himself.

Deputy Dawn Hanke says Barrientos told investigators her son has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and locking him in his room was their only alternative when they were away.

Someone made a call to authorities Saturday. Hanke says that when deputies arrived they found the boy locked in his room.

Hanke says the boy has been placed in the care of state Child Protective Services.