Vietnam vet's car stolen with needed medical supplies inside

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Police still searching for stolen car

PHOENIX - A disabled Valley couple is struggling to understand why someone would steal their car with all their medical supplies inside.

They say they need the car to get to doctors appointments and need the prescriptions and leg braces that were inside just to get by. All of it is gone and now the couple is hoping the thief hears their plea.

Robert Duran is a Vietnam vet who needs his leg braces to walk but Friday while using a wheelchair to get around and shop, his leg braces were stolen along with his car from a parking lot.

Thankfully Veterans Affairs quickly replaced the braces with temporary ones but there is still no sign of the 2005 Chevy Malibu that Robert had only three months.

Robert's girlfriend Verna says she lost the keys while in the store and while she was checking to see if anyone turned them in someone else took off in the car.

Unfortunately surveillance cameras caught nothing on tape. Now struggling to get by and down to one car, the couple says it is holding out hope.

The car stolen is a 2005 White Chevy Malibu with handicap plates. If you see it or have any information you are urged to call police.