Car collides with light rail after making illegal u-turn

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TEMPE - The following is a press release from the Tempe Police Department:

On June 24, 2009 at 10:43 AM, a red 1998 Ford Taurus was traveling eastbound in the 1800 block of E. Apache Blvd, Tempe when it made an eastbound to westbound u-turn in front of a Metro light rail training that was traveling eastbound. The u-turn was made at a location where signs are posted prohibiting u-turns.

After the collision, the Ford Taurus fled the scene of the collision.Two Department of Public Safety Officers where in the area of the collision and observed the Taurus as it fled the scene.

These officers were able to follow the vehicle in an unmarked police car.The DPS Officers initiated a traffic stop on the Ford Taurus in the area of Evergreen and Rio Salado Parkway.

Tempe Police Officers arrived to the location of the stop and made contact with the driver of the suspect vehicle.The driver was identified as Shaurice Corrine Mayhew, 20.When speaking with Tempe Police Officers about the collision, Mayhew stated that she was aware that she had collided with the light rail. The damage to both Mayhew's vehicle and the light rail car was minimal and no injuries were reported.(Photos of the damage to Mayhews's vehicle are at the bottom of the page).

Mayhew was placed under arrest and transported to Tempe City Jail where she was charged with failing to remain at the scene of the collision and driving on a suspended license.Mayhew also received a civil citation for failing to obey a traffic control device and her vehicle was towed and impounded as her license was suspended.