Some waiting up to 4 hours for early voting

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VALLEYWIDE -- Early walk-up voting ends Friday and the turnout has been so big that some people have reported waiting up to four hours to cast their ballots.

Record turnout of early voters

Nearly 1/2 million people have already voted in Maricopa County.

There's been a record turnout for early voting across the country, as well as right here in Arizona.

The deadline for early voting here is 5 p.m. Friday. It you don't cast your ballot by then, you'll have to wait until Election Day, which is Tuesday.

This is an historic election, and Maricopa County Recorder Helen Purcell said she's expecting the highest turnout in more than 30 years.

There are 1.7 million voters registered in Maricopa County. Nearly 1/3 of them have already cast their ballots.

"We are processing ballots as fast as possible," Purcell said. "We've got over 520,000 back in the house. We'll get those processed. We counted over 100,000 yesterday."

Thursday is likely the last safe day to mail in your early ballot to ensure that it arrives at the Maricopa County Recorder's Office by the deadline, which is 7 p.m. on Election Day. The ballot has to actually be at the office by the deadline, not simply postmarked by then. If you can't mail your ballot, you can drop it off at any polling place on Election Day.

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