UPDATE: Father charged in death of 8-month-old baby

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Father admitted to shaking infant daughter


The following is a press release from the Maricopa County Attorney's Office:

PHOENIX -- County Attorney Andrew Thomas announced today that Arturo Frank Delgado, 23 (DOB 6/25/85), has been indicted on charges related to the death of his eight-month-old daughter. Delgado is charged with First Degree Murder, a class one dangerous felony and dangerous crime against children and a domestic violence offense, and Child Abuse, a class two felony and dangerous crime against children and a domestic violence offense, in the December 10, 2008, indictment.

According to a Phoenix Police probable cause statement, the police responded to Phoenix Children's Hospital in response to an injured child on November 21, 2008. Upon arrival, they learned that the victim had been brought there from the Phoenix Indian Medical Center. She had a skull fracture and was not expected to survive. The victim was pronounced dead on November 23, 2008. Delgado stated that he dropped the victim in the family bathroom. He also said he dropped her again in the front room. Additionally, Delgado told investigators that his daughter was unresponsive following the second fall and he shook her gently to revive her.

Further to the probable cause statement, the pediatric neurosurgeon who examined the victim said that she had swelling throughout the brain and this swelling was not the result of the skull fracture. Instead, the injury is consistent with shaking and the victim would almost immediately have had a reduced level of consciousness. In addition, a pediatric ophthalmologist examined the victim and explained that the victim had extreme bleeding to the back of both eyes and that the separation of the layers of the retina indicates an extreme shearing force and repetitive acceleration and deceleration and is typical of a shaking incident.


PHOENIX - A Valley man accused of killing his 8-month-old daughter has admitted to shaking the infant.

Police arrested 23-year-old Arturo Delgado on Tuesday after he told them he shook the baby because she was unresponsive after being dropped and that he believed the shaking led to her death.

Authorities say the infant suffered a skull fracture, brain injury as well as retinal hemorrhages in both eyes.

Delgado now faces first-degree murder and child abuse charges.