Drag Me to Hell: Creepy, cool, but too much drool!

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conjures up 3 &1/2 Red Vines for being horribly fun

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Drag Me to Hell, My Life in Ruins - Flick Chick Vique Rojas reviews "Drag Me to Hell" and "My Life in Ruins."

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Years ago I stumbled upon "Evil Dead" one late night and couldn't believe my eyes. Director Sam Raimi had re-imagined horror in an incredibly creepy new way, filled with tension, fear and laughs. Yes, laughs! From that point on, I was a big fan, not only of his but also of his new leading man, Bruce Campbell. That love affair continued for both, and now I've seen the entire "Evil Dead" trilogy.

But time marches on and both men have moved on from their slapstick/horror roots. Until now. And while I am sorry to say that 'The Chin' isn't in "Drag Me to Hell", much of Raimi's trademark look and feel is. Unfortunately, that is both a blessing and a curse. No pun intended!

Basically "Drag Me to Hell" mines familiar territory in the form of a gypsy curse. A very witchy looking woman begs a pretty loan officer (Alison Lohman) for yet another mortgage extension. The girl, Christine, is in fierce competition with a snarky male co-worker for a big promotion. Because she needs to prove that she can play hardball with the best of them, she denies the old woman's request. Big mistake. Before you can say adjustable rate mortgage, Christine is the object of a deadly gypsy curse!

Raimi uses his traditional ramped up, freeze loop style to give his movie that herky jerky feel. This time around the sets are lavish and the effects first rate. But I think my basic problem is that Raimi did not launch a new look or style this time around. I guess it's his own fault that his evil trilogy made such an impression on me that I expected more this time around.

But other trademark, his incredible knack for making you squirm, scream and burst out laughing all at the same time is back in full force. It is the most enjoyable part of this movie. I just wish I had been scared more. Heck, watching "Evil Dead" all these years later (and viewings!) still freaks me out!

As the good girl who can't shake her date with destiny, Alison Lohman is perfect. As is Justin Long as her super supportive fianc. But you gotta give it up for Lorna Raver as Mrs. Ganush! She is truly scary as all get out! When I read her bio I was floored to find out she was the same woman who played a reoccurring role on my soap "The Young and Restless"!

The scares might not have been there for me but the fun sure was. Just wish it hadn't of been quite so gross. Then again it wouldn't have been the same without all those 'body fluids'!!!

LADIES ROOM LOWDOWN: I liked it but did not love it. The same was not true for the audience, they did love it and the chatter all the way out the door proved it. My horror loving girlfriend left the theatre with a big grin on her faceand that had nothing to do with the cocktails and Stilton fondue we indulged in before the flick!

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