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We have wonderful, hard-working women and men on our behind-the-scenes crew at TV3 - Robin, Engineer extraordinaire is one of them. And, as with so many people I know, there are secrets lurking behind the person we see all day. In Robin's case, like many, there are numerous hidden talents. So for the last year or so, I have heard Robin talk of sewing this and sewing that - so voila! She was my expert when I thought about how to get started with at least a beginner's sewing kit.

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I hate sewing. I am not good at it. But I have a growing pile of mending projects in my closet. Time to get it together and figure out what I need when a rip or a hem or a lost button beckons.

So, Robin helped me put together a list of what is needed for the beginner's sewing kit.

Gather these things and you can mend simple tears and hems and buttons and bows - okay - maybe not bows. (but the words flowed so beautifully!)

A Beginner's Sewing Kit Contains

A collection of thread - most useable colors first - add on more specific colors.

Needles -get one of those "wheels" with various sizes.

A Needle Threader -this works! Especially when you're a little older or arthritic like me.

Scissors - lock these away - once they cut paper they're dead for fabric. Keep these exclusive to your sewing box.

Pins - I love the ones with the big pearl heads - again - old and arthritic!

Tape Measure - soft and easy to maneuver - you need this for hemming.

Seam Ripper -this handy tool helps you take out seams when you need to re-do something or take out a hem.

Buttons - You know all those extra buttons you get with clothes, just have a place to tuck them away. You may need them.

Thimble -Just simply protects your fingers when pushing in pins and needles.

Fray Check -This stuff works - when fabric begins to unravel, drop some on and it stops immediately. Good stuff!

That's all you need to do simple mending. But my biggest advice is to find a container and keep it all together. If you're like me, you can find thread, but not the needle. Frustrating! So here are some fun ways to create a handy, compact mending kit.

An Egg Carton - Perfect because of all the ready-made compartments. Pins, needles, even a pincushion all fit. Decorate the top and it's an easy container.

A Canning Jar -Loved this one. I just stuffed a piece of fabric with pillow stuffing to create a pincushion and plopped everything inside. Easy and very country looking. Fun!

A Spice Jar - This is lean and mean! Toss in thread spools, thread through the top holes, plop on the top and then if you want do as I did and hot-glue a pin cushion to the top to store all your pins and needles.

I accept the fact that I'll never be a master seamstress like Robin. My goal is to be able to find a needle and thread when needed. This does the trick. Thanks Robin for sharing your expertise. Happy mending.

Live and Learn.

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