Pastor claims he was unjustly beaten by DPS, Border Patrol

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PHOENIX - Steven Anderson is a father of five, a Baptist pastor, a business owner and a man who has gotten the attention of hundreds on You Tube.


Pastor claims he was beaten by deputies

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He said he was beaten and abused by DPS officers and Border Patrol Agents at a checkpoint on Interstate 8 east of Yuma.

"Basically they got upset because I wouldn't answer their questions," Anderson said.

According to Anderson it started as a routine stop, then Border Patrol agents brought out their dog and asked to search his car.

"I said no you're not going to search me you don't have a warrant," he said.

Then he said DPS showed up.

"He said we're going to break the window and search the car whether you want us to or not."

Anderson told his story of what happened next on You Tube for the world to hear.

"After they shattered the windows in my car and beat me to a bloody pulp then they did search my car and guess what they found nothing because I didn't have any drugs I didn't have a human being in my car," Anderson said.

What he does have now is 11 stitches, scabs and sores he said he got from officers.

Ultimately this Baptist pastor is arrested, booked and charged with resisting an order and obstructing a highway, both misdemeanors, and now he said he's seeking justice.

"The fact I've been beaten abused and tased for nothing," he said. "I'm going to follow up with a civil suit."

3TV made several attempts to reach someone with Border Patrol for comment but found no one willing to speak.

The Department of Public Safety issued this release regarding the incident:

The U.S. Border Patrol asked the Arizona Department of Public Safety to assist their Officers with a combative motorist who refused to cooperate at a checkpoint in the westbound lanes of Interstate 8.Steven L. Anderson, the combative motorist, was arrested by a DPS Officer for resisting a lawful order during the incident and booked into the Yuma County Jail.

Mr. Anderson never filed a complaint with DPS concerning his arrest but instead made a You-Tube video that featured his version of the events of that day.

An investigation by the Arizona Department of Public Safety's Professional Standards Bureau is underway.DPS is looking at current agency policies and procedures that officers must comply with when requested by any agency to respond to checkpoints.

In this particular instance DPS will look at our Officer's response and actions.We will offer no further comment on this incident until the investigation has been concluded.

*It should be noted that in 1976, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of Federal checkpoints near border areas to enforce laws prohibiting illegal immigration.This U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint along Interstate 8 is in compliance with federal law.*