New company will pay your traffic fines for you

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New company will pay fines for you

PHOENIX - If you get caught speeding paying the fine can be painful, but now there is someone out there willing to pay it for you.

The company is called TraffiCare International and not only does it promise to pay your fine, but also help you avoid court and any increased insurance premiums.

It is a program that has caught the attention of many financially-strapped drivers.

All around the world officers are writing tickets, millions of them. It is how Peoria police officer James Brown spends his day, enforcing the speed limit and safe driving.

In Arizona you have traffic officers and photo radar both on patrol clocking your speed and catching you on camera, which can cost you about $180. The cameras on highways and intersections can catch all kinds of moving violations such as running a red light. That is $248 you would not want to pay and, as a member of TraffiCare International, would not have to.

Troy Simpson, a retired Dallas police officer who recently made a living writing tickets, says, "Our motto is traffic tickets paid guaranteed. The traffic ticket industry is a $16 billion a year industry which means that's a whole lot of tickets being written.

Simpson started TraffiCare, where for $12.95 a month you can become a member and have up to five moving violations paid a year along with any increase in your insurance premium.

Simpson explains, "Obviously we don't condone reckless driving. Eighty-eight per cent of our drivers have never filed any sort of compensation request."

Still, police officers warn drivers not to take advantage because as Mike Tellef from Peoria Police tells 3TV, "You're still going to get points on your license and at some point will get your license suspended no matter what he can do for you."

That is the reason why drivers at the Phoenix Municipal Court paying traffic tickets have mixed opinions on the service. One driver says, "$12 s a month I'd do that to be covered. $12 a month is nothing to me."

Another driver admits, "Well I don't get that many tickets. I'd probably have to weigh my options. Figure out what best fits me, I guess."

Police say the fine associated with a ticket is supposed to serve as a deterrent.

Tellef explains, "The whole idea of a fine and points is to change your behavior."

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