Alleged killer bees create trouble in Gilbert neighborhood

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Swarm of bees terrorizing neighborhood

GILBERT -- "I guess it's a huge concern for everyone on the block."

Rob Crill lives in a cul de sac on the western side of Gilbert where some not-so-welcome neighbors have moved in.


Some bees found a home in the eaves of one of the houses, and they're proving pretty dangerous.

"A pest control guy came over to our house when he did our house and said if we knew about this guy's house over here cause he saw them himself, and he said that he thought they were african type bees." Crill says.

Maricopa County Environmental Services isn't able to say if these really are aggressive africanized bees, but they've already stung several neighbors.

Those neighbors went to the homeowner to demand a change, but they didn't get a friendly response.

"They went and talked to him and (they) said 'I hope the bees go to your house I don't know why they're at mine."

The neighbors registered a complaint with the county, which gave the home owners with the bee problem 48 hours to solve the pest problem.