Owners' warranties good in spite of Fulton Homes bankruptcy

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Company remains in good standing

TEMPE -- Fulton Homes, a Tempe-based construction company, has filed for bankruptcy.

Fulton Homes is one of Arizona's largest home builders.

The company has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, whilch would give them legal protection from their creditors.

Fulton Homes made the following statements: "There will be no change in customer service or in our ability to stand behind our warranties," said CEO Douglas Fulton. "We built this company on the customer and it will stay that way."

"This action will enable us to operate while putting a plan in place," he added. "The plan will be reviewed by a judge, instead of across a table with a lender. But other than that, everything will operate normally."

The filing is dated January 27th, 2009. To see the court documents on trhe bankruptcy -

Fulton Homes was founded in 1975 and grew up to be one of the top homebuilders and family owned businesses in Arizona.